Thursday, 30 Aug 18

1st Year? This way please,

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Monday, 03 Sep, 12:34 AM

I read all, its so amazing it just the best story i would ever read, and gives the motivation of that awesome life,when are you writing more?

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Akshita Madan

Monday, 03 Sep, 08:18 AM

I'm glad you liked it. Another will be out at the end of the month probably.

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Wada, waqt, dosti

Monday, 24 Sep, 10:36 PM

I will try my best to be there everytime u need me, slap u for the wrong decisions and pat the back for the good ones❤️

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Akshita Madan

Monday, 24 Sep, 10:47 PM

Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi, yunhi nahin dil lubhaata koi ❤

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